Westminster Confession of Faith

Dear Sir,

I was alarmed to read your religion correspondent make reference to ‘The Presbyterian catechism, with clever ambiguity. . .’ (13th September 2008)

May I point out?

● The ‘Westminster Catechism’ to which he refers is not exclusively Presbyterian in its allegiance. It is accepted by other Reformed Churches.

● There is no ‘clever ambiguity’ in the phrase ‘works of necessity and mercy’. This phrase has its authority in the rebuke the Pharisees received from Jesus when they criticised the disciples for picking ears of corn on the Sabbath (Matthew 12)

● As an Elder of the Church your correspondent accepted the Catechisms, ‘Shorter’ and ‘Larger’, ‘clever ambiguity’ and all, upon his ordination.

Yours etc,

Brian Kennaway (Rev)



This letter appeared in the Belfast Telegraph on 16th September 2008