Wells totally wrong over gay candidate

May I take issue with the comments of Jim Wells (News April 23) when he states that, “Dr Paisley would be aghast” at the running of an openly gay candidate, Alison Bennington, in the upcoming council elections.

Jim Wells goes on to state that he has been member of the DUP since 1975. Perhaps he will then recall the Press Conference called in May 1996 following the publication of photographs of the naked Sammy Wilson.

At this Press Conference Ian Paisley stated that, “What a man does in his private life is his own business”. Surely this was the “watershed decision” and surely what applied to Sammy Wilson in 1996 also applies to Alison Bennington today.

Yours etc,

Brian Kennaway (Rev)

This letter appeared in the Belfast Telegraph on Thursday 25 April 2019