Ulster Unionist Party & Orange Order

Dear Sir,

Noel McAdam is not correct when he says (B.T. 22/7/04) that ‘Bangor District Orange leaders have voted to cut links with the UUP’.

It is not within the competence of Bangor District Lodge, either to ‘cut links with the UUP’, or to send delegates to the UUC meetings.

As your informed readers ought to know, the relationship is between the Ulster Unionist Council and seven of the eight County Grand Orange Lodges.  It is entirely up to each County Grand Lodge whether or not they should send delegates!  Bangor District merely declined to nominate a person for County Down Grand Orange Lodge, to send as a delegate to the Ulster Unionist Council.  Bangor District is not the only Orange District to have made such a decision.

The media interest in this story would appear to be based on the fact that David Trimble’s Lodge is a member of Bangor District.  It would be no surprise to me if David Trimble actually agreed with that decision.

I am surprised at Jeffrey Donaldson’s comments.  As an Orangeman he should know the nature of the relationship between the UUC and the Orange Institution, unless of course he is attempting to make political capital out of it.

The real reason behind the decision of Bangor District may well be financial.  The nominated delegate must be accompanied by a fee!

Yours sincerely,


Rev. Brian Kennaway

Former Convener,

Education Committee, GOLI.

Member of the Liaison Committee.