Ulster Unionist Party & Orange Order

I read with interest the letter of Christopher Salford (Belfast Telegraph 5/3/04), and the comments of Political Correspondent, Noel McAdam (9/3/04).  While I would strongly disagree with the analysis which Mr Salford makes, I do agree with his opening and closing sentiments – that the Orange Institution should “end the marriage”.  

As one who is a member of the Committee, established on 6th October 1995, to liaise with the Ulster Unionist Council concerning these matters, I can assure Mr Salford that it is not the fault of the Ulster Unionist Council that this has not been resolved. 

This was made clear in an article in the Belfast Telegraph on Friday 28th April 2000, by another member of that Liaison Committee, the Rev. Dr. Warren Porter, when he made reference to, “this foot dragging on the part of the Orange element. . . ”

As Mr Salford ought to know, the relationship is between the Ulster Unionist Council and seven of the County Grand Lodges.  It is entirely up to each County Grand Lodge whether they should send delegates or not!  Noel McAdam said that a discussion document is to be presented to the next meeting of the Grand Lodge, therefore suggesting that the relationship is between the Grand Lodge and the Ulster Unionist Council.   On 5th February 1999 one of the County Grand Lodges, Antrim, called for the Institution to disaffiliate.  They lacked the courage of their convictions and continued to send delegates to the Ulster Unionist Council.

Perhaps Christopher Salford will have the courage of his convictions, and make sure that his County Lodge “ends the marriage”.

Yours sincerely,


Rev. Brian Kennaway

Former Convener,

Education Committee, GOLI.

Member of the Liaison Committee.