Tougher punishment for trespassing would bring our dangerous bonfires under control.

I note with some personal interest the comments of “Belfast Unionist’ (Writeback 20 July), where the author calls for the creation of a ‘Bonfire Commission’.

While this is a commendable suggestion in order “solve the (sic) problem”, it would only create another layer of bureaucracy in order to deal with one specific issue.

A more all inclusive resolution would be to elevate trespass to a criminal offence. This would deal with the issue of bonfires being created on any property other than the personal property of the person or persons who which to build it.

It would also have the effect of solving the other perennial problem of flags, emblems, murals and any other matter being placed on any public or private property, without the consent of the owner.

While I would share the cynicism of ‘Belfast Unionist’ in relation to local politicians, this is legislation would have to be enacted at Westminster. With the present deal between the DUP and the Conservatives this would appear unlikely at the moment.

Meanwhile ‘ordinary unionist people like myself’ will have to struggle on with these gross manifestations of what goes under the label of ‘culture’ until we get courageous political leadership.

Yours etc,

Brian Kennaway

This letter appeared in the Belfast Telegraph on Wednesday 26 July 2017