The inconsistency of the Orange Order

The inconsistency of the Orange Order when it comes to talking to terrorist linked political parties

10 July 2014Combined unionist and Orange pledge on parading on 10 July 2014

Dear Sir,

I note with interest (News, February 29) that a memorial has been unveiled in Londonderry in memory of eight Orangemen murdered during the Troubles.

One of those listed on the memorial was John Burns, a member of Hope of Eglinton LOL 764, murdered during the Greysteel massacre.

I wonder what the family of John Burns thinks about the leadership of the Grand Lodge, including the Grand Master, sitting down, as they did in with the political representatives of those who carried out this atrocity? This they did on 10 July 2014 when they signed a pledge challenging the Parades Commission.

The excuse often given by the Order for not talking to Sinn Fein, is that they are the political representatives of an organisation responsible for the murder of Orangemen.

Will the leadership of the Institution now follow the logic of their own position and talk to Sinn Fein about the outstanding problems over parading?

Yours etc.

Brian Kennaway

Author: The Orange Order: A Tradition Betrayed

This letter appear in the Belfast NewsLetter on 5 March 2016

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