SF must take further action over McElduff

The saga of the recent sectarian outburst of Barry McElduff MP is just another sorry milestone in the political history of Northern Ireland, which is littered with such uncharitable words and actions.

The fact that Sinn Fein has only suspended him for three months effectively gives him a three months holiday, and adds insult to injury.

This reaction of Sinn Fein raises the question of their commitment to non-violence. If the Mitchell Principles to use, ‘exclusively peaceful means’, were not broken in fact they were surely, by this response, broken in spirit.

This is a real test case for Sinn Fein and unless they react with further action, both against McElduff and including a fulsome apology for the Kingsmills massacre, their already feeble commitment to the Belfast Agreement must be disregarded.

Yours etc.

Brian Kennaway

(South Antrim)

This letter appeared in the Belfast News Letter (with some additions) on Thursday 11 January & the Belfast Telegraph on Friday 12th January 2018