Selective reporting on General Assembly

Dear Sir,

As a life long reader of the Belfast Telegraph I am deeply concerned with the negative reporting of the work of the Presbyterian Church, in recent years. 

This was again most notable in the article: “The Presbyterian Church is finished as it’s completely oblivious to its faults, claims ex-minister” 

Roy Simpson was a contemporary of mine at Union College some fifty years ago. He served seven years as a Minister before he left. Why therefore should his comments be given prominence when his connection with PCI terminated forty years ago?

Roy was also highly selective in reporting what actually took place at the General Assembly. I would point out that he ignored the vast majority of business and presentations that ranged from planting vibrant churches that seek reach out to all people with the gospel to looking at dementia care and adolescent mental health and a major project on the Church and the Troubles.

More balanced and inclusive reporting would not only be better journalism but would enhance the reputation of the Belfast Telegraph.

Yours etc.

Brian Kennaway (Rev)


This Letter appeared in the Belfast Telegraph on Tuesday 18 June 2019