Public & Private Morality

Dear Sir,

May I as a minister of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland (PCI) support the stand taken by David McIlveen, a minister of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster?

David McIlveen was quoted recently in relation to the Robinson scandal, as saying “. . . I personally cannot take the view that a person’s private life does not affect their public life.”

It is just unfortunate that David McIlveen did not take such a high moral stand some years ago, when Sammy Wilson was embroiled in a controversy over published photographs of himself appearing naked while on holiday with his girlfriend. At a subsequent specially convened Press Conference the Moderator of the Free Presbyterian Church declared – “What a man does in his private life is his own business”!

Yours etc.

Brian Kennaway

Presbyterian Minister (Retired)

This letter appeared in the Belfast Telegraph on 12th January 2010