Politicians supposed faith is built on sand

I have read with much interest the series of interviews with politicians conducted by Claire McNeilly.

The question whose answer I find most interesting is: “You believe in God, do you have a strong faith?”

On many occasions the answer is along the line – “I do. My faith matters to me.”

This answer intrigues me when no evidence is presented in the answer for the ‘faith’ professed. My intrigue is endorsed when the politician concerned admits that they have no meaningful church connection.

It brings to mind the statement of John Calvin: 

“We must scrutinise and investigate the true character of faith with greater care and zeal, because many are dangerously deluded today in this respect. Indeed, most people, when they hear this term, understand nothing deeper that a common assent to the Gospel history”. 

Clearly things have changed little since John Calvin wrote this in the sixteenth century.

Rev Brian Kennaway

County Antrim

This letter appeared in the Belfast Telegraph on Wednesday 25 April 2018