Paisley and Ecumenism

Dear Sir,

I am somewhat bemused by the present controversy over the attendance of Ian Paisley at a Service to mark the centenary of Scouting in Ballymena.

The controversy would appear to surround the fact that a Roman Catholic Priest, Fr. Paul Symonds publically prayed at this Service.

The reason for my bemusement is that, on 26th June 1982 Ian Paisley was present at the Service of Thanksgiving in St Pauls Cathereral, London, to mark the end of the Falkands war. Participating in that Service was the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster, Basil Hume, who also publically prayed.

Evidently the seeds of ecumenism are slow to spread from Westminster to Ballymena!

Yours etc.

Brian Kennaway



This letter appeared in the Belfast News Letter on 26 January 2008