Orange Order discontented

I note with some interest that the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland are to seek yet another meeting with the Secretary of State to “register yet again our discontentment with this unacceptable situation”. (February 29)

Are the Grand Lodge offices totally ignorant of the wise advice previously given from two sources?

  1. The Parades Commission, who commented in their July 2013 determination: “In the event of the Loyal Orders respecting this determination and in the event of sustained and sincere dialogue, we expect that any future commission will look favourably upon a notification for a similar evening return parade on the 12 July 2014.”
  2. Mr Justice Weir who commented in 2014: “These issues will require a degree of political leadership and courage; that’s the way they are going to be sorted out, by people sitting down and agreeing with each other… If a fraction of the energy that is put into litigating these matters or going on the television or radio to talk about them was put into sitting down with clean sheets of paper and nice sharp pencils, I think we would get to the terminus much quicker.”

The leadership of the Orange Institution would be much better spending their time practising their loyalty, by respecting the advice of the Parades Commission, established by Her Majesty’s loyal government, and taking on board the advice of a senior law officer of the British State.


Co Antrim

This Letter appeared in the Irish News on 7th March 2016