Orange Order & Discipline

Dear Sir,

May I support the sentiments expressed by such a senior and respected Orangeman as Dr. Warren Porter. (BT 9/4/04) It is significant, given Dr. Porters standing within the Orange Order, that, he should acknowledge that proper discipline should have been exercised long ago.

However given the comments by the Order’s spokeswoman it is unlikely that such discipline will ever see the light of day.  While she acknowledged that Harry Speers was a member at the time of the dastardly crime, she informs us that “A number of people have been disciplined following Drumcree”.  

To make such a statement defies logic and insults the intelligence of ordinary people. Does she expect us to believe that the Orange Order disciplines members who had the unprecedented support of the Grand Master and Grand Secretary, before, during and after their conviction?

Yours sincerely,


Rev. Brian Kennaway

Former Convener,

Education Committee, GOLI.