Opposition to Scottish Referendum

Dear Sir,

The Article by Liam Clarke given the headline “Orange march ‘boost for Yes vote’” (Belfast Telegraph 3 September) caused me to reflect on the history of Orange support for failed causes.

From the inception of the Institution, the leadership at least, have opposed:

The Catholic Emancipation Act.

The Disestablishment of the Church of Ireland.

The Secret Ballot Act.

The Third Home Rule Bill.

The Sunningdale Agreement.

The Anglo-Irish Agreement

The Belfast Agreement.

The only success – if that is what it was – was to bring down the Sunningdale Agreement.

Perhaps the headline, without the quotation marks, is a more accurate reflection of the present state of affairs.

Yours etc.

Brian Kennaway (Rev)

This letter appeared in the Belfast Telegraph on 8th September 2014

edited out – ref to Sunningdale Agreement.