Murdered Orangemen

Apology needed for murdered Orangemen

Dear Sir,

I agree entirely with the sentiments of the Grand Secretary, Drew Nelson, when he calls for “a ‘sincere and unequivocal’ apology for the deaths of over 300 Orangemen throughout the Troubles.” (News Letter May 29)

However he has only called on ‘republicans’ to apologise. What about those members of the Orange Order who were murdered by ‘Loyalist Paramilitaries’?

When he claims, “We believe that 311 members of the Orange Order were murdered as a result of the Troubles”, he does not indicate how many were murdered by republicans and how many were murdered by loyalists!

After all, as Drew Nelson says, “Murder is murder and should be condemned by all”.

Brian Kennaway,

Crumlin, Co. Antrim


This letter appeared in the Belfast News Letter on 31st May 2007