Hypocrisy of SF leader in her selective condemnations

While the murder of Lyra McKee should be condemned by all right thinking people I cannot help but reflect on the events which followed her tragic death.

If a member of the PSNI had been killed would there have been the same outpouring of grief from the media, and would there have been vigils in the Creggan and elsewhere?

I also observed the willingness of Sinn Fein to condemn this act by the New IRA, and the remarks of Mary Lou McDonald that, “There is no justification for armed actions,” and that no cause was “progressed by armed actions”.

How Many Lou can say these things without also condemning the 

antecedents of the New IRA is nothing short of pure hypocrisy.

Brian Kennaway (Rev)

South Antrim.

This letter appeared as the lead letter in the Belfast News Letter on Monday 22 April 2019 and a similar letter in the Belfast Telegraph on Wednesday 24 April