First Anniversary of Orange template

Dear Sir,

As we are given to marking anniversaries in this part of the world I wonder how the ‘Orange’ and ‘Black’ will be marking the first anniversary of the TEMPLATE issued on 11th June 2013.

Readers may recall that this “Comprehensive Template – St Patrick’s, Donegall Street” undertook:

– No part of any parade will stop outside St. Patrick’s.

– Any funeral, wedding or regular church service will be facilitated.

The following Twelfth morning a number of bands stopped outside St Patrick’s while playing the Sash, one of which gesticulated.

The following ‘Black Saturday’ during the return parade, the Priest had to stop saying Mass because of the noise of a passing parade. No apology has been received.

Perhaps they will repeat the mistakes of the past and issue another Template.

Brian Kennaway (Rev)

Author: The Orange Order: A Tradition Betrayed

This letter appeared in the Belfast News Letter and the Irish News on 10th June 2014