European Theological Seminary, Birmingham

Belfast Telegraph

18th January 2005

Dear Sir,

I noted with interest the response of Professor Gordon S. Beck of the European Theological Seminary, (Writeback, January 14).

While I would not want to take away from what he says about the ability of Ian Paisley to “give valuable help to theological students enrolled in recognised educational establishments”, it is rather ironic that the European Theological Seminary, of which I presume he is a Professor, is not a “recognised educational establishment”.

The European Theological Seminary, Birmingham, is not listed by the Department for Education and Skills as a Recognised Body, having degree awarding powers.  In which case it probably falls into the same category as the outlawed American, Pioneer Theological Seminary, from which Ian Paisley received his ‘Doctorate’ in 1954.

On their Web Site, the Department for Education and Skills warn about Bogus Degrees and state:-  It is an offence in the UK for any organisation to offer a degree qualification which could be taken to be that of a recognised UK institution. The relevant legislation in this area is the Education Reform Act 1988.

Brian Kennaway (Rev)

Crumlin, Co. Antrim.