David Trimble

Belfast Telegraph

11th May 2005

Dear Sir,

I read with interest the article by Maurice Hays (BT 10th May) under the heading “History will be kinder to Trimble that his Contemporaries”.

While I have much sympathy for the sentiments expressed by Maurice Hays, he appears to assume that in the future people will be more seriously interested in history than today.  This surely is ‘hope triumphing over experience’ as the picture (of Ian Paisley touching the statue of Lord Carson) on the front page of the same paper would indicate.

Sir Edward Carson stated on 29th April 1914: –

That if Home Rule is to pass, much as I detest it, and little as I will take any responsibility for the passing of it, my earnest hope, and indeed, I would say my most earnest prayer, would be that the Government of Ireland for the South and West would prove, and might prove, such a success in the future, notwithstanding all our anticipations, that it might be even in the interests of Ulster itself to move towards that Government, and come in under it and form one unit in relation to Ireland.  [Official Reports 5th Series, 4th Volume of Session 1914. Page 1752]

Yours sincerely,

Brian Kennaway (Rev.)

Crumlin, Co. Antrim.