Brian Kennaway: Every effort has been made to coerce northern unionists into Irish unity by murder and mayhem

I refer to the article “Mary Lou McDonald: Way to peaceful united Ireland was closed to us before”. (Monday 21 January) 

May I respectfully inform the President of Sinn Fein that she is incorrect?  

During the debate on the third Home Rule Bill, Sir Edward Carson said that there were only two ways to make Ulster accept Home Rule: coercion or conversion.

Since Carson made that statement, over one hundred years ago, every effort has been made to coerce northern unionists by murder and mayhem, chiefly from the hands of Sinn Fein/IRA.

In spite of all the pleasant words often spoken of ‘reconciliation’, by outreach officers or spokespersons of Sinn Fein, nothing has been done over the last one hundred years by republicans, to convert, by peaceful means, northern Unionists into a United Ireland.

Brian Kennaway

South Antrim

This Letter appeared in the Belfast News Letter on Wednesday 23 January 2019