Rev Brian Kennaway

Rev Brian Kennaway

About the Author

Brian was brought up in North Belfast. After a time in industry he graduated Trinity College Dublin in 1972. He attended Union Theological College Belfast and was ordained into the Ministry of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland in 1976 and served in Crumlin from where he retired in 2009. He is still active in the wider Church serving on a number of Boards and Committees of the General Assembly.

Brian joined the Orange Order in 1964 and has written extensively on Orangeism and Unionism for newspapers and journals, as well as being a contributor to the Dictionary of Irish Biography. He lecturers regularly on History an Orangeism. His book The Orange Order: A Tradition Betrayed was published in 2006.

Brian has served on the Irish Government’s Inter-Departmental Committee, for the development of the Boyne Site, and was a regular contributor at the Police College of the RUC/PSNI. He has been an active member of The Irish Association, serving as President 2009–2014.

He was appointed a member the Parades Commission by the Secretary of State for a three year term 2011–2013, and currently serves on the Advisory Board of the Institute for British-Irish Studies, at University College Dublin.

Brian continues to write and comment on Northern Ireland Politics, Orangeism and Religion.


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