A wonderful, colourful painting


2854200523Having read and heard much about the ‘offensive’ painting I decided that I should go out of my way personally see this object of offence. (Some may suggest that I went out of my way to be offended)

I visited the Museum on Tuesday and indeed I was also offended, but for different reasons, which I officially recorded.

In the first place I was offended by the title ‘Christian Flautists …’ as the behaviour portrayed in the painting did not reflect any Christian virtue.

I was also offended that the representation of the Orangemen observing this event did not reveal the faces of Nigel Dodds MP, whose Lodge engaged the band, and Nelson McCaulsand MLA both of whom were present.

Having said that, the painting itself is a wonderful, colourful representation, which captures the ethos and tension of the event which has now, sadly, gone down in history as a demonstration of raw sectarianism.

Brian Kennaway (Rev),

Author: The Orange Order: A Tradition Betrayed

This letter appeared in the Belfast News Letter on Thursday 12 November 2015

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